ELMAR Vienna Media Art Festival

Jena FullDome Festival 2015 にて、BLAUE BLUME AWARD 受賞作が ウィーンのELMAR Vienna Media Art Festival にて上映されました。

Jena FullDome Festival 2015 /
Facebook page Jena Fulldome Festival 2015
Fusaka Baba’s ?Obscure Path’, winner of this year’s “Blaue Blume Award”, was one of the shows from the Jena Festival Reel presented at the ELMAR Vienna Media Art Festival (www.salotto-vienna.net/en/elmar).
The audience (free admission!) was comfortably lounging in cushions and deck chairs inside the 210 degree, 22 m diameter “iShere”.
The dome has a translucent skin, so shows can be seen from the inside and the outside.
It looks like Vienna is another vibrant hot spot for 360-degree immersive art. FullDome Festival director Micky Remann invited the Austrian artists to submit their work to the 2016 Jena FullDome Festival, and introduced a best-of selection with:

Robert Sawallisch – Raumschwindel
Robert Becker – Zentrope
Stefan Berke / Jan Zehn ? From the Jungle to the Stars
Kyan Min Ko – Bon Voyage
Julia Wiesner (u.a.) – No 217
Alexander Schumann – Petty Tyrant
Bigyan Man Dixit – Green Grass and Pretty Girls
Daniel Weik /Moritz Degen – On Fear and Freedom
Fusaka Baba – Obscure Path
Thomas Bannier – My little Brother Jimmy

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