The Flower of Afterimage [Obscure Path]

Art Director/CG Creator : Fusako Baba
Composer / Sound Creator : Asako Miyaki
Music : DUO Imaginaire
(Clarinet) John Corbett
(Harp) Simone Seiler
Vocal ; Yayoi Yula
Surround Design : Satoshi Ogawa (Planet Studio)
Producer :Fusako Baba


映像 : 馬場ふさこ
作曲・音響デザイン:宮木朝子 >Te Pito   >Soundcloud

クラリネット ・ John Corbett (Duo Imaginaire)
ハープ・ Simone Seiler (Duo Imaginaire)
サラウンドデザイン: 小川 智史 (プラネットスタジオ)
プロデュース :馬場ふさこ



This work express a world of imagination by music and video. Its image is a sight of the non-existent garden; flowers of afterimage is blooming there.
The time flow in site is different from the daily time;The flowers have a secret inside of its beauty, and while being inspired by it, we combined each sound and video images.

All sounds are derived from voice , harp, clarinet, glass, stone and water sounds; they are electronically processed.
How do I express the visual effect of afterimage by the sound? It is a important point of sound processing in this work.
When you exit the secret path in the brain which no one knows,there is a mysterious space there. That place is the garden of afterimage ; you can take a walk there.