Art Director/CG Creator : Fusako Baba
Composer / Sound Creator : Asako Miyaki


Program note:

Original version is acousmatic music premiered in CCMC(Contemporary Computer Music Conference 2016,Tokyo) with video made by Video Artist Fusako Baba.

About Title:The “landscape montage tecnique”, is an art therapy with non-verbal means of communication that have been developed by the prominent Japanese psychiatrist Hisao Nakai.

Asako Miyaki is a composer studied at Toho Gakuen College of Music and the graduate School.

She was accepted for ICMC2016,winning for Jena Full dome Festival 2015 Blaue Blume Award(video:Fusako Baba).currently underway of Studies of Culture and Representation at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and sciences.


Profile : 宮木朝子 / Asako Miyaki

国立天文台宇宙映像『Spiral Galaxy 』音楽担当(Siggraph2007入選)
感覚ミュージアム常設インスタレーション『Shadow Rays 2013』音楽、『残像花』(映像:馬場ふさ子/Jena Full dome Festival 2015Blaue Blume Award受賞・ICMC2016入選)など。東京大学大学院総合文化研究科超域文化科学専攻修士過程在籍中(表象文化論)、尚美学園大学専任講師(現代音楽分析研究)