In The Moment : Violet 03’00”
In The Moment : White 03’00”
Fulldome : 3K, 4K
AUDIO : Stereo, 5.1ch
New — VR/360°  4K
VISUAL : Fusako Baba
Music : Ikuo Uchida Void-Productions

There are violet and white versions. It is a work of 3 minutes each.
This work was screened at Sapporo Odori Park and was very well received.

さっぽろホワイトイルミネーション 大通り公園西8丁目のクリエイティブシアタードーム・内側に投影しました。

  • First screening at “36th Sapporo White illumination – Creative Theater Dome”
    Sapporo White Illumination is held at Sapporo Odori-Park every year.